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One who has long hair and likes to party a lot.
Known to chase girls.
Wearer of Hawaiian shirts and shorts.
Besides being a pronoun, it can be used as an adverb or adjective.

i.e. "I got so shump-ed up last night, you should have seen me."
<sing> "Shump around, Shump around, get up get down, Shump around."
by Bert February 19, 2004
enthusiastically pessimistic
Usually is used when someone is very willing to do something, and is very sure that the result will be abysmal.

Bill: "Hey, do you want to go with me to the beach? I'm going to try to learn to surf."

Hank: "Hell yeah I do! I'm sure you'll fail miserably, this will be awesome to watch!"

Bill: "Dude, why must you be so shumpy?"
by Vikks July 07, 2010
A sweatshirt which lacks a hood. (non zip up)
She looked disgusting while wearing that old shumpy.
by Shumpy876345 September 25, 2009
A form of grumpiness that occurs in the morning before one's first shit.
Don't go near Russ the Muss this morning. He's a bit shumpy.
by SniffablePurse July 23, 2006
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