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50 definitions by bb

a very german man with a great liking for cock-cheese. most commonly just refered to as tt.
hey lads, make sure your pants are buttoned; that guy is such a tt.
by bb July 16, 2003
a fat piece of shit (not as fat as dharmesh, but in worse physical shape) that doesn't like to walk home from school and plays video games and eats all the time
you better walk home today, shaun
by BB March 13, 2005
A marching band hazing ritual whereby, upon first performance of an incorrect note, a new band member's face is rubbed in the bare buttocks of another member.
That new sousaphonist has such an assing coming to him!
by bB October 20, 2005
See D. Appleton
by BB September 18, 2003
a two door cadillac car coupe
bitches be in the el dorado y0
by bb March 02, 2005
A little prick from Pbreview who thinks people feel sorry for her, even though nobody cares about her. She writes in the "LJ" like people actually care what happens in her life. She acts like a weirdo and has an "eye collection." Newsflash: You suck.
omg i love teh cindar even though she's self-indulged.
by bb October 29, 2004
The act of completely ruining someone for no good reason than to make yourself feel better about your shitty ass life. Cheating, lying, and degrading are common characteristics. No person in the world is good enough for "The Burkle" except for the Burkle himself.
That asshole pulled a "Burkle" when he broke he cheated on his girlfriend with his ex and then dumped her for a completely different slut.
by BB April 14, 2005