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50 definitions by bb

to feel pain
when I rolled down the hill and crashed into the car... I was hatin' it!
by BB March 14, 2003
3 3
Brand-name (thus ubiquitous) food for the culinarily challenged (especially inexpensive fast food).
You want some pizza-pizza?!? Dude, you're in Paris!
by bB March 22, 2005
4 5
another word for Donatello or Micheal Angello or possibly Rafeal...hmmm ya maybs Leonardo.
"Splintor thr rat said "hey ninja turtles! thats pretty ninjor!"
by BB December 21, 2004
2 3
Long knife with serrated edge, used to cut bread (describes the noise made as the knife cuts through a crusty loaf)
Could you pass me the goosey knife?
by bB March 22, 2005
1 3
PopCornPlayer is me the mutha fucking PCP cooker
I want that angle dust who do i go to the PopCornPlayer
by BB November 08, 2003
5 7
Taking it from behind.
Last night I nailed your Mom frombe
by BB November 17, 2003
4 8
As a noun, the act of having sex. As an adjective, a person who you find attractive. As a verb, having sex.
I'm tryin' to get some takatak tonight. Ooh, that ho looks takatak. I'm doing takatak tonight.
by BB February 24, 2005
21 27