50 definitions by bb

to feel pain
when I rolled down the hill and crashed into the car... I was hatin' it!
by BB March 14, 2003
another word for Donatello or Micheal Angello or possibly Rafeal...hmmm ya maybs Leonardo.
"Splintor thr rat said "hey ninja turtles! thats pretty ninjor!"
by BB December 21, 2004
Long knife with serrated edge, used to cut bread (describes the noise made as the knife cuts through a crusty loaf)
Could you pass me the goosey knife?
by bB March 22, 2005
To engage in sexual intercourse
Right luv lets saddle up !
by bb July 18, 2003
PopCornPlayer is me the mutha fucking PCP cooker
I want that angle dust who do i go to the PopCornPlayer
by BB November 08, 2003
As a noun, the act of having sex. As an adjective, a person who you find attractive. As a verb, having sex.
I'm tryin' to get some takatak tonight. Ooh, that ho looks takatak. I'm doing takatak tonight.
by BB February 24, 2005
a very german man with a great liking for cock-cheese. most commonly just refered to as tt.
hey lads, make sure your pants are buttoned; that guy is such a tt.
by bb July 16, 2003

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