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A contemptible person (i.e. a dildo or dick)
He walked out on his wife and kids? What a fuckin' dildus!
by bB March 22, 2005
After a night of heavy drinking, one would say "I feel like ass on a Tuesday" if they are suffering from a hangover.

I can be said on other days also.
God... I feel like ass -- on a Tuesaday.
by BB October 21, 2004
Big, fat, beautiful, flawless ass.
Damn, that girl got a J.Lo
by BB July 25, 2003
Having individuality, being unique. Refered to in Orwell's 1984. Used in Newspeak.
It was long ago when people were considered to be ownlife.
by BB February 13, 2003
Hap = Hot Asian Princess!
Byron: Damn Mike, get a load of that hap!

Mike: Shit, i love them haps!
by BB March 15, 2005
colloq. A poet, one not to afraid to speak his mind
by BB October 15, 2003
A fat chick eg she would need a forklift to carry her around.
Did you snog that forklift special again last night?
by bb July 18, 2003

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