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what happens to your triceps when they turn to fat. Usually sported by middle aged townie women in bingo halls.
by bb April 23, 2003
noun - An Asian considered sub-human by other Asians
That loser Hung's not an Asian, he's an Ousian.
Brace yourself, here comes the Ousian...
by BB April 18, 2003
Brand-name (thus ubiquitous) food for the culinarily challenged (especially inexpensive fast food).
You want some pizza-pizza?!? Dude, you're in Paris!
by bB March 22, 2005
Instantaniously grabbing a random girls pussy while pretending to fall off a curb.
"Dag Yo, Karl curb-jabbied Chelsea today at lunch"
by BB April 06, 2004
A place where there are saddlers aplenty....fanny heaven.
Was there many birds in that kip last night? Saddle City !
by bb July 18, 2003
The names and #'s that telemarketers take down when the customer is rude and nasty about the call. Many times a drunk telemarketer will take these lists out and prank with their friends.
"I told YOU people to stop calling! Put me on you Do Not Call List!"

No problem sir...

Later that night---

May I speak with Mr. ****?

by BB February 18, 2004
A blow job, blowie, sucky sucky etc

Me give you fitty dolla long time
Did she give you a fitty dolla last night?
by BB July 29, 2003

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