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easy to understand or deal with


Eugene is such a noob in madden. Beating him was simpkin.
by bazeballboy5757 August 16, 2008
Get the fuck out of here.

Hey you GTFOOH!
by bazeballboy5757 July 11, 2009
a condition of bipolar disorder which prohibits a distinct musical taste.
Dude this chick is totally musically-bipolar, she has Foo Fighters and Snoop Dogg on her ipod.
by bazeballboy5757 July 11, 2009
1.) Be right back

2.) Be right back I'm going to Burger King
Stan: Hey
Moe: Wud up?
Stan: Nm I'll brbk bro
Moe: Can you bring me back some chicken fries?
Stan: I'm not going to BK...
Moe: Oh I think I will then
Moe: Brbk
by bazeballboy5757 July 15, 2009
milford mandarin restaurant
Let's hit up milf man later.
by bazeballboy5757 June 23, 2009
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