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easy to understand or deal with


Eugene is such a noob in madden. Beating him was simpkin.
by bazeballboy5757 August 16, 2008
A tall slim character similar to Kramer on the hit TV show Seinfeld. A man from the decent of Lonnie. A white man who confuses himself as a black man.
Simpkins hit the doobie and circled his van around the block for hours.
by Puffmcgruff May 26, 2013
To receive a Rim Job while Urinating
Dude; Have you ever Heard of a Simpkin?
Girl; No I haven't what is it?
Dude; Follow me to the bedroom i'll show you.
by dankbomber October 06, 2010
Totally useless, brainless woman whose only enjoyment out of life is having more children for welfare.
I am on the Simpkins employmnet plan
by Clamchops October 07, 2011