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when somebody lets out a disgustingly huge fart; this is usually announced.
"Whoa shit you guys! Back up! I'm about to bust ass"
by britt October 30, 2003
when unbelievable just doesnt cut it
the idiot in linguistics said "i had 2 girls making out on my lap as i was taking a bong hit and i was just like "unfuckinbelievable""

the way she treated me was unfuckinbelievable.
by britt February 15, 2005
something thats really cute, cudly like, kissable,you just want to squeeze it!
Jason, you have a smoogy face!
by Britt March 01, 2004
Band like: Bright Eyes
Debut Album: Anything Else But The Truth
Who: Jarrod Gorbel & Aaron Kamstra

pff. yeah. go their their cd.
"everything i once had" is an amazing song.
by britt December 13, 2004
A character from the movie. Blazing Saddles.
Mongo is hu"mongo"ous!
by Britt March 19, 2005
a word substition for anonymous because uneducated asses can't spell it right.
When u votehd for mee as teh uglyest persun in da clazz, whyy did yew check teh b0x taht saiz anonymouse?
by britt November 10, 2003
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