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having sexual relations besides the actual sex itself with a guy/girl
giving/recieving head .. eating out etc.
by Britt December 07, 2003
When words such as gay and fag are used in a derogitory fashion, or to mean something is stupid. Often used by homosexuals themselves in an effort to 're-claim' such words.
1: Science class is so gay!

2: Oh my God, you are such a fag.
by Britt March 26, 2005
1. a happening of epic proportions
2. food, live entertainmentt, hookahs, and stars
Everyone should attend the kumzitz hosted by Gators for Israel!
by Britt November 08, 2004
Something extremely gay and pointles that Newark High School requires for graduation. Our superintendent, Mr. Sanders makes us do. He makes us do it so the high school looks good.
Portfolios blow ass!
by Britt March 06, 2005
A person who is a general loser but also has really bad washing habits. They are also not liked but other people use them.
God Damn it John quite being such a scrub-bum
by Britt January 17, 2004
Beautiful Girl
Did you see that girl? She is a Julie Lipshutz!
by Britt July 27, 2008
this could mean dork or dorkiness
girl your boyfriend is such a milhouse!
that shirt makes u look like a milhouse!
those glasses are soooo milhouse!
by Britt January 02, 2004

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