39 definitions by bRitt

reflects joy, a good outcome, pleaseure,

Neill is mutha fucking sweet!
by bRitt March 13, 2003
When two male guys w/dicks bone behind trees
Joey and Mike were Desking behind the trees at six flags
by Britt October 27, 2004
one who breaks games of golf with katy
Katy cheated with a game breaking move.
by Britt September 05, 2004
a bunch of hooplah they put at the end of the beginning of a TV show to let you know that deaf people can watch it. Usually precedes a long commercial by a sponsor.
Closed captioning brought to you by Checkers.
by britt November 12, 2003
something that is both sexy and smells good.
"his hair is SMEXY!!!!"
by britt May 17, 2004
someone who claim they a balla but is broke
kevin is a stunta he aint got no bread
by britt March 27, 2004
The nickname of Aaron Himango, the coolest kid ever. He lives in Prescott, WI. Just don't piss him off because he's 6'2'' and weighs 220 lbs. He's only 16 years old! He likes playing football and lifting weights. KICKASS!
Piss "Mongo" off and get your ass kicked!
by Britt March 06, 2005

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