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Note: Sonny is 16 not 15. sorry. i'm picky. and he's fucking short. anyways, yeah "Me" is right.
sonny moore is 16 and quite nice.
by britt December 13, 2004
1.) to give head
2.) olga in metal gear solid 2 (if u haven't played it yet, WHOOPS!)
3.) some guy in the watergate scandal that leaked info...
1.) Man, that girl Liz can deep throat pretty good..
by britt November 10, 2003
Hey "Adam", you said, "Wisconsin is a state that has a GOOD football team. 100x better than illinois." That may be true, but who has the better college basketball team? That's right bitch, the Fighting Illini blow your Wisconsin ass right out of the St. Croix River. Oh, What now?

Don't take my comment to seriously dude, I personally don't have anything against Wisconsin or its residents. In fact, Wisconsinites are some of the nicest people I've ever met. You guys up there know how to take one day at a time, and that's cool. People in Wisconsin are friendlier than people in Illinois. Though, I'm not so sure you guys are smarter, I thought all men were created equal. Wisconsin Dells rocks! Don't be hatin' Illinois or Chicago. The Illini rock! Oh, and we are better drivers than you guys...ha-ha...
"Chicago rocks, and don't you forget it!"
by Britt April 03, 2005
A state who's residents couldn't drive right if their life depended on it. Wisconsinites can't drive worth shit. Ilinois drivers are the best! Wisconsin drivers are overly cautious to the point where they cause accidents. You have to be aggressive like Chicago drivers.
"That idiot acts like he doesn't understand the concept of a 4-way stop." "He must be from Wisconsin." "Well, I'll be damned, he has a Wisconsin license plate." "That dickhead!"

"Chicago drivers Rock!"
by Britt March 19, 2005

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