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The act of cuddling with a fat chick.
Dude I must have had way to much to drink lastnight. When I woke up I was curdling with your wife! All 300 lbs of her.
by groesch November 08, 2012
When a girl is on the verge of having cottage cheese thighs. This condition typically develops in the early 20's due to college drinking and a lack of exercice because she has "always been skinny."
"I need to hit that soon cause that chick is curdling"
by Nimrod Wildfire September 24, 2011
The act of manually stimulating a man so rapidly that he ejaculates while still flaccid. The stimulator then backhands the receiver, leaving a mustache of semen—“Curdled!”
That curdling last night left me flabbergasted!
by Curdler August 31, 2010

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