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A promiscuous, sexually aggressive woman, someone who takes a traditionally masculine approach to getting laid - less interested in a committed relationship, more interested in having the sex and walking away in pursuit of the next score. Consequently, such a woman quickly gains a reputation for her sometimes devastating effects on the men she sleeps with.
Jo-Anne's great for a laugh and a night of passion, dude, but don't get emotionally hung up on her, she's a real barracuda.
#sex #promiscuity #aggression #woman #casual
by aum108 March 21, 2010
A state of male excitement which brings a high risk of poor decision making. Blending the word 'error' into the word 'erection'.
Pete: Hey, Mike, I heard that babe you boned last year is suing you for child support.
Mike: Yeah, that's gotta be the worst errection I ever had.
#boner #error #mistake #erection #mishap #poor decision
by aum108 February 03, 2012
Most commonly used online - acronym of 'crazy for you'.
G'nite sweetheart, cfy <3
#love #romance #relationship #lover #passion
by aum108 June 26, 2010
A highly derogatory term for people who advocate caring for the environment, such as greenies, conservationists, hippies, environmental activists and the like
Joe: "Why do you need an SUV for just getting around the city? A smaller car would be just as good, with only a fraction of the carbon emissions."

Andrew: "Shut up and mind your own business, ya fucken sandal muncher!"
#hippie #environmentalist #activist #greenie #greenpeace
by aum108 April 25, 2010
To make an irrational verbal attack on someone.
Mike got home late from work only to have Nina totally nut off at him, thinking he was cheating on her; she only shut up when he showed her the design he had to create at short notice.
#temper #crazy #irrational #domestic argument #dispute
by aum108 March 06, 2011
Relating to fellatio, "taking the gravy" means allowing the man come in one's mouth then swallowing his ejaculatory discharge and leaving his organ completely clean.
What a babe! she only gives the best head on the coast, but she also takes the gravy.
#cock #cum #semen #swallow #head #fellatio #sex #blowjob #blowing
by aum108 May 03, 2011
A magical incantation which is uttered at the start of a sentence to impart substance and credibility to the rest of the sentence. It is used to exempt the speaker from accepting personal responsibility for a situation or changing his/her viewpoint on an issue.
Alice: Tina, if you want to lose all that weight you really have to cut down on those cheesecakes.
Tina: Yebbit I've been going to the gym a couple of times a month, and I've tried dieting before but my metabolism just holds the weight on me no matter what I eat.
#excuses #responsibility #denial #avoidance #irresponsibility
by aum108 January 20, 2011
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