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When alcohol and marijuana are consumed together, and the consumer gets really sick (pale, clamy, puking)
We made that guy down 4 beers after he toked 2 bowls, and he got the worst greenies ever!
by dv_metallica June 17, 2010
1) flem, spit.

2) A tall creature that makes coffee, plays guitar and dresses like a middle-aged man.
1) "Someone greenied on the wall"

2) "Shall we go Costa and annoy Greeny?"
by jizz-biscuits January 22, 2008
The alias of an evil hacker known to have hacked over 100 computers and over 50 websites. "Greeny" is a SOB who just sits at his "PWH" all day and hack innicent people when he gets bored.

Fucking Assholes. Greeny Bastards.
by Site Owner August 07, 2008
One who owns an almost infinite supply of pornography.
"Hey,I'm bored, lets go to greeny's house, we can check out his porn."
by niblet August 08, 2004
To drink a large amount of alcohol with friends then wake up the next day to be the only one to vomit up a storm
"Wow I drank way too much last I'm pulling a greeny"
by Stephne November 16, 2013
One who immitates someone in order to impress others specifically copying jokes, personal philosophys and attitudes to life.
"You know that joke i made up yesterday? Well Harry totally did a Greeny to show off to Katie."

"Alfie is doing a Greeny to Impress my ex."
by Chad Pentenville October 25, 2007
An obese english male who often is a child molestor. They specialise in gaming and drinking tea.
Hunny, before we let you on the internet we want to tell you the dangers of a greeny!
by Kevin G. P. October 04, 2006
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