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The act of wiping your ass with your hand (preferably while very sweaty or having recently shat), proceeding to shake another's hand.

tr. v.
stink palmed, stink palming

Came into common usage from the film Mall Rats.
The guy at the Quick-E-Mart was an asshole, so I stink palmed him.

If you really hate someone, give 'em the stink palm.
by The Immenent Eminent Sage December 09, 2004
-The act of picking your butt and shaking someone's hand
-The act of farting on your hand and then shaking someone's hand
-The act of wiping your recently-shat-on ass with your hand and then shaking someone's hand
That disgusting bastard stinkpalmed me right after he took a shit.
by Little Miss Tragedy January 30, 2005
Grotesque act of social terrorism.
1) Spot someone you have little or no respect for at a social gathering.
2) Sneakily put your hand down the back of your own pants, and have a good rummage, exposing it to (how can I put this..?) ass-sweat.
3) Boldly run up to your target, extending the 'infected' hand for him/her to shake.
4) They are left with a stinky hand and complete ignorance of the insult they have been exposed to. You are left with an equally stinky hand, but also a sense of pride/victory.

Aka Shaolin Stinkpalm
"Beware the Shaolin Stinkpalm, you fool!"
by Stooo March 20, 2003
To stick your hand down the crack of your ass and then shake hands with an enemy, hopefully where they will eat with their fingers.
"Dude I just stinkpalmed that stuck up Wing King!"
by podgmc February 09, 2003
Something retarded comic book fans attempt to do to Kevin Smith at comic conventions.
Don't fsck with The Jedi Master, son!
by Kix May 03, 2004
To contaminate something with your grubby, sweaty hand. (Has nothing to do with wiping your ass, dumbfucks).
The guy working the drive-thru at DQ stinkpalmed my change.
by Point Oner December 14, 2004
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