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When nobody understands what you're saying, so you say it again and again, in 4/4 time.
1. What he say?
2. Dunno. Wuz rap to me.
by archimedest August 10, 2006
1. that which covers the engine of a car, typically made of metal, and opened via a latch within the automobile; 2. a garment covering the head.

Not to be confused with 'hood (c.v.)
1. To change the oil in his car, he first had to lift the hood. 2. Superman wears a cape that has no hood.
by archimedest July 25, 2006
A Wal-Mart store in Mexico
Juan: Want to cross over into Texas?
Pedro: Can't. Have to take my seeester to Wal-Martinez for some shopping.
by archimedest August 23, 2006
a formed piece of metal, with a broad head and a shank that tapers to a point--
The carpenter said, "I have a hammer but I need anal."
So I gave him anal and he smiled.
by archimedest September 16, 2006
an advantage that comes of living in a city.
Country bumpkin: Wow! So many bookstores and movie theatres and restaurants!

City dewller: Simple urbantages, my friend.
by archimedest August 23, 2006
When you fuck a foreigner.
1: Where's Jimmy?
2: He's got an illegal alien upstairs.
1: What?
2: International Relations.
1: Man, that guy is a true Sex Ambassador.
by archimedest July 27, 2006
extremely overweight and slow
We missed our plane because no one could get around the slobese bitch at the front of the line.
by archimedest July 22, 2006

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