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Started as a mispelling of "death" but now has a slightly different meaning.Still means death but in a more severe way. Can be used in combination with leet speak
Daeth upon j00 pplz cuz u r not L337
by Nephraiel March 21, 2005
The severe version of general term, "death" which is natural, eventual and all a part of the grand scheme of LIFE.

Daeth is different.

Daeth is induced by murderous Energies and malevolence inflicted against the Spirit of One to another causing the drain of LIFE FORCE.

It is the CORE of the
When he abandoned his wife and their three children, he doomed their family's Heart to daeth.

I don't need anyone to "love" me to daeth...Please love me to LIFE instead.
by Haleluhyah Harris October 20, 2010
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