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tiny dog that stands at the perfect height to be a field goal waiting to happen, coupled with the attitude to deserve it. also mailbox dog.
"the way that dog looks at you, it's just a field goal waiting to happen. damn puntables."

"i know, dude, its face just speaks to you, like, 'forty yards, anyone?'"
by angus bohanon July 01, 2006
tiny dog that yaps and tries to bite you and won't shut up. the idea is that any dog that can fit in a mailbox should be classified as a rodent. yapping is suggested in order to meet mailbox dog standards, but not required. see also puntable.
"that would be a fun bike ride if it wasn't for that f---ing mailbox dog at the end of it"

"yeah, that dog is such a puntable"
by angus bohanon July 01, 2006
fun way to say nasty, also implying that you really think something is gross instead of nasty as in cool. falls into the fun words category with schwasted and schwafted. if it's not fun to say, don't say it.
A: i just saw The Hills Have Eyes last night. some of those mutant people were really schnasty.

J: dude, that whole f***ing movie is schnasty.
by angus bohanon July 09, 2006
the slang reference to the state patrol, commonly known (at least in the west) to be much stricter and more hardcore than city cops and county sheriffs. they also drive faster cars and have way more skills at driving (trust me). kind of like po-po but not.
A: dude! did you see that? that charger that just passed us had a bullwhip antenna and a spotlight!

B: yeah, man, keep it under the limit tonight. the patro-po are getting smarter.
by angus bohanon August 24, 2006
this is simply a fun way to refer to anything that falls in the car, truck, bus, tram, etc category. if you can say this word and not enjoy it, quit using it.
1: dude, where's my automoboose?

2: I'll only be DD tonight if I can drive YOUR automoboose.
by angus bohanon July 09, 2006
the sole criteria that defines a relationship for that category of guys that are only after a piece of a**. these guys also tend to hit on women much younger than them, example a college freshman and a highschool freshman. interaction tends to lead to blind groping in his car, then after she goes home he gets drunk and passes out puking in the public parking lot behind the prison. avoid these guys.
A&A: so how are things between you and that freshman?
Zach: pretty damn good.
A&A: have you taken her on a date yet?
Zach: no.
A&A: have you called her?
Zach: no.
A&A: then how does that qualify as pretty damn...oh, you let her touchyourpenis, didn't you?
Zach: hell yeah, man.
A&A: you stoner f***. you are such a man-wh*re.
by angus bohanon July 09, 2006
mix between gnarly and suicidal

used to describe insanely dangerous but cool stunts that people do for fun, e.g. base jumping
DUDE! did you see that? that guy just parachuted with skis on and then landed it on the slopes! that was gnarlicidal!
by angus bohanon February 11, 2007

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