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A term used by prosecutors in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia to describe when a decision is made to nolle pros or otherwise drop a criminal case that has little or no chance of leading to a conviction if the Defendant hires an attorney. Derived from the abbreviation of Anderson & Associates, a law firm located in Virginia Beach, Virginia renowned for having criminal charges dismissed.
Commonwealth's Attorney: "You wouldn't believe the problems with this drug trafficking case I just got handed. I hope the Defendant doesn't hire an attorney or I'll have to A&A this one."
by JayBeeOV August 12, 2011
Addition and Alteration. Used to refer to maintenance works and such.
"Mall's going through A&A works- if you want cheeseburger DIY."

1:"Im gonna A&A my computer."
2:"Thats not how you use A&A."
by TACAH November 15, 2007