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10 definitions by angus bohanon

Days Of Celibacy

used to indicate how long it has been since you last had sex.
What's your DOC?

About 15

Oohhh, man, you need to get on that
by angus bohanon February 11, 2007
6 27
Days Of Celibacy

used to indicate how long it's been since you had sex
dude, what's your d.o.c.?

around 15

oh man, you need to fix that
by angus bohanon January 29, 2007
2 23
A term used to reference people who are being pansies and should just suck it up and go for it, usually in the case of a member of the opposite sex that they are too shy to approach. From "Harold and Kumar".
Kumar: Dude, there she is, you should go talk to her.

Harold: No, I'm not going to just go talk to her.

Kumar: DUDE! Don't be a Vagina McVaginestein!
by angus bohanon January 10, 2007
4 30