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Narcissistic self-reference that an online contributor can use to signify that he or she has reached the hundredth-post marker of Urban Dictionary submissions.

(A compound of CENTenary (or CENTennial number) + senSATION. ;)

-- "That's it! U.D. published submission Number One Hundred of mine!" -- "You've reached your centenary on that count. Now you've become a centsation in your own mind, haven't you?"
by al-in-chgo June 23, 2010
The human posterior, especially the anus, usually male. Originates from homosexual prison slang of the 1930's - 1960's, in which "junk" is the frontal male genitalia and "candy" the reverse.... A bottom's candy, sexually, is where the top wants to put his junk.

Never mind the big junk, he's candy all the way.
by al-in-chgo June 02, 2010
"Pre-ejaculatory fluid" is the clnical medical way to say what most of us call "pre-cum" or "precum": the usually clear and viscous liquid seceted by the Cowper's Gland (a tiny gland inside the male's genito-urinary works) that precedes actual orgasm and ejaculation of semen ("cum").

The amount secreted as pre-ejaculatory fluid varies from nothing or next-to-nothing to a great amount. See basketball player.
The most popular brand of condom-safe sexual lubricant mimics very well the clearness, thickness (viscosity), slipperiness and slight stickiness of pre-ejaculatory fluid.
by al-in-chgo May 30, 2010
A scanlator is a person who performs scanlations, which are the unauthorized scanning + translation of a source work, usually a Japanese manga of some sort, into English for dissemination by e-mail or blog.

For more information, see scanlation.

"Who's the translator on this graphic novel? Or should I say 'scanlator'."

"Scanlator is the word, the person is called "Kuzzy" but there's no full name, e-mail or blog address. They prefer to keep it that way because what they're doing breaks international copyright laws, even in cases of works that have been sitting untranslated into English for years."

by al-in-chgo April 12, 2010
Tumescence in reverse; the process where, after ejaculation, a man's penis shrinks and reverts to "normal" pre-sexual size.
"I get boners quick but after sex I lose them quick too. My dick goes back to normal size before I can say "detumescence".

by al-in-chgo March 12, 2010
"Ain't done it (or dunnit)" is a Deep Southernism for "I emphatically repudiate your last allegation."
"Who took the last beer in the fridge? Jimmy, was it you?"

"Ain't done it!"
by al-in-chgo March 06, 2010
Slang for porno stories printed in softcore skin magazines, generally designed to provoke and encourage masturbation. (Such magazines, that combine the stories with nude pictorial spreads and other features, are often called "stroke books").
Ever since they stopped publishing MEN magazine, I've lost my favorite source of friction fiction.
by al-in-chgo February 21, 2010

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