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Male slang for sexual intercourse, where "wick" (as in candle-wick) is symbolic for penis, and "dipped" or "dip" symbolizes the in-and-out motion of sexual intercourse.
example of wick dipped, get my:

Anxious Sergeant, holding phone: "I have to tell him where the Captain is. Where's the Captain?"

Corporal: "The Captain's getting his wick dipped."

Sergeant, on phone: "Sir, the Captain is getting his wick dipped."

(slight paraphrase from movie THREE KINGS.)
by al-in-chgo June 16, 2011
Also "dogcock" or "dogscock." British journalese for an exclamation mark (!) due to the visual similarity. Considered vulgar but widely used within the industry.

Mentioned in Lynn Truss's book EATS, SHOOTS AND LEAVES.
"Can't we get along with just one dog's cock on that banner? Surely three is going over the top."
by al-in-chgo March 03, 2011
Pronounced roughly "Ah-YEEEEEE!," this highly useful word not only lets you scream in Italian, but in most other major Romance languages and, because of its onomatopoetic (sound-into-printed word) quality, is pretty well understood around the world.

Roman Dentist: "This might hurt just a li--"

Roman Patient: "Aiieee!"
by al-in-chgo May 17, 2010
How a person travels (frequently impromptu) who uses no special-affinity credit cards (that tie into retailers, hoteliers, etc.), keeps no priority accounts with hotel chains, does not accumulate airline miles, nor qualifies for rebates or discounts, nor contributes to add-a-dollar or round-it-up programs.
"When I travel I go where I want to go when I want to go. I don't travel often, but when I do I pay standard fare or phone ahead. I don't rack up hotel points, airline points, Amtrak points, cruise-ship points, department store points, major-league team points, hotel/motel points, rent-a-car points or charity points. I pay what I pay and if it's too much, I shop around or don't go. Nobody needs to know my password or log-in, and I don't get a dozen e-mails a week. I get bumps and privileges like you wouldn't believe. Nothing influences my choice of company or chain when I travel. That's called flying Priority None."
by al-in-chgo May 09, 2010
An erect penis that is so large it's beyond comprehension or appreciation; or one that inspires fear of pain during an anticipated sexual encounter.

The determination as to what constitutes "scary big" is somewhat subjective.

-- "How'd it go with John last night?"

-- "It was a no-go. I got a look at it -- it was scary big! I couldn't imagine doing anything sexual with it or to it, and I had to beg off."

-- "Well, how long was it, anyway?"

-- "I don't estimate inches, but at least eight."

-- "And that's enough to scare you? Girl, you ain't lived."

by al-in-chgo April 07, 2010
Verschlusspanik (fair-SCHLOOSE-pah-neek) is a German word that literally means "closing panic." It refers to the rush of new investors (and new capital) into consumer investments like mutual funds that occurs when the sponsoring financial house announces that its fund will no longer accept new accounts beyond a certain date. That "last-minute" stampede is due to Verschlusspanik on the part of potential investors who do not want to be shut out of the fund.
"Go figure -- Fund XYZ announces that it won't open any new accounts past the end of this month, and all of a sudden there's a huge influx of new investors and their money."

"That's called 'Verschlusspanik'. It often happens when there's a deadline for new accounts imposed."

by al-in-chgo March 24, 2010
Another way yet to refer to semen, especially the kind that dries quickly to the consistency of rubber cement (mucilage) or jelly.
Guy cums on partner's stomach: "Oops! Better wipe that up quick before it turns into genital jelly."
by al-in-chgo March 13, 2010

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