twinge is to have a twitch when something sexual happens
it makes me twinge when she kisses my stomach
by Swan98 May 20, 2009
What Sean Connery calls siblings who were born at the same time who look exactly alike.
Sean: Lasht night I shlept with a pair of Brazshilian twinge.
by Senor Katke May 31, 2008
Used when one is on a tweet binge and send more than 3 tweets in a matter of minutes.
Oh man bro, I was on such a twinge the other day, i probably pounded down 5 or 6 tweets.
by Brettisyelling February 16, 2010
The cross between a twitch and an itch usually causing some mild discomfort or pain. Most reported "twinges" are temporary, and occur mainly in the left hemisphere of the human body.
"This twinge behind my ear is driving me crazy! It usually goes away in a day or two though."
by muahlamb4 July 29, 2009
A little bit; a small amount. Miniscule. Un poquito.
I had some baked chicken wings with a Twinge of hot sauce. ...mmm why I outta!
by Reymundo Suggs July 08, 2009
Uncontrollable penile erectile movement due to arousal.
"Brolly, what you just said gave me a twinge..."
by Asino Ash January 20, 2012
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