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A husband's balls. Owner can be gay or straight, or a husbear's (gay bear husband's) balls.
"I got so mad I wanted to kick him right in the husballs. But then I realized there'd be nothing to do that evening."
by al-in-chgo February 04, 2013
Originally and still a poker metatphor, 'all in' has also come to mean a situation whose subject is unreservedly involved, without qualification. Fully committed. In this sense the term "all in" is almost the same as its denotative opposite, "all out," as in all-out warfare.

All in means you don't stop for Sundays.

All in means nobody can talk you out of it.


(from New York Times online, October 17, 2011):

Mr. Immelt’s remarks took on the tone of a halftime pep talk. He said that with a clearer regulatory structure, an increased export base and an “all-in” business climate, the United States would be able to compete on a global front.

---Note that the Times used the term 'all in' with a hyphen separating the two words, which is customary when such a term is used as a single adjective. (Compare: "Frank is just flat-out broke".) Also note that the Times put slightly distancing quotation marks around the phrase in the above Immelt citation. This probably means that the Times writer recognized the phrase as a colloquialism, not yet fully acceptable standard written English, in this extended (non-poker) usage. Some grammarians (cf. Strunk and White, THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE), object to ironic or distancing quotation marks on the theory that if a term or phrase is known to most readers, introduction or contexting is not necessary. Most likely, though, the New York Times' elaborate style sheet does not forbid such use.
by al-in-chgo October 17, 2011

Getting a strained wrist from working a computer mouse with one hand (e.g., to download porn), and jacking self off with the other. It's generally the lower of the two wrists that develops the syndrome first.
"Jed says his right (left) wrist hurts."

"Probably poor ergonomic design at his workstation. He's wanked himself into a case of Fappal Tunnel Syndrome. Someone get a crowbar and pry him off that computer. Sheesh!"
by al-in-chgo March 05, 2011
Plural of "Pornality" (see definition).

Pornalities are words or expressions formed by fusing an older saying (usually trite or banal) with a new element to form a new meaning, usually more risque or graphic:


With simple juxtaposition: "What can I do for you?" becomes, "What can I do you for?"

Fusion (sometimes called portmanteau) of two words:

TV's Bart Simpson fused CRAP + FANTASTIC and got CRAPTASTIC.
Said the hooker to the john: "It's a business doing pleasure with you."

Said the john: "And I love the fact that you observe all the Pornalities."
by al-in-chgo May 14, 2010
Gengoroh (sometimes Gengorou) Tagame, b. 1964, is openly gay and Japan's best known artist who deals in explicitly hardcore themes of male homosexuality and BDSM. His work typically depicts hirsute and stocky characters of the type called bears in English. This genre, which Tagame founded and still leads, is called bara manga -- roughly "bear porn" or "bear graphic novels," a subset of gei comi or "gay comics." Bara manga as a genre stands in sharp distinction to the better known yaoi manga, which generally feature stories of young, smooth, hairless gay men that have particular appeal to female readers.

Tagama the artist has a large number of magazine illustrations and some fine art to his credit, but his reputation rests primarily on his many manga, many of them multi-part. Tagame's best-known and most widely-read manga today is probably his trilogy from the mid-2000's, "Pride", about a hunky college student who is trained as a BDSM slave (masochist) by a college professor who becomes his master.

Some of Tagame's work has been translated and sold in France. There are no official translations of his manga in English-speaking language to date; in a few cases fans and amateurs have taken it on themselves to clandestinely scan and translate some of his work into rough English, a process known as Scanlation. This type of work is widely circulated on the Internet but is not legal due to copyright conventions and Tagame receives no royalties for it.
"So at the height of the torture, Ohasi gets hot candle wax dripped on his ...."

"Don't tell me. Gotta be some sort of manga from Gengoroh Tagame."
by al-in-chgo April 12, 2010
Scanlation, from SCAN (or 'SCANned') + transLATION, is the unauthorized translation of a foreign graphic novel, usually Japanese yaoi or other sexually explicit work, from Japanese into English. Typically the scanlator scans the hardcopy text into a computer, and electronically whites out the Japanese characters in the thought balloons to replace them with English text.

Illegality is the essence of scanlation, as opposed to authorized translations in which rights are granted, royalties scheduled, and chain of intellectual property is maintained. Many scanlators will argue that the more erotic or hardcore types of manga (yaoi, bara maga) are rarely translated into English, and that even a Japanese best-seller can sit untranslated for years. (Example: the graphic novels of Gengorah Tagame, like his three-volume PRIDE, which has as subject matter the training of a novice in BSDM techniques and includes very explicit sexual language and images, and scenes of torrture.)
-- "I'm reading a scanlation of a Japanese 'bear-loving-bear' manga."

-- "Is it any good?"

-- "Definitely gets the plot points across, though sometimes the English is a little sketchy. The scanlator uses spellings like "colour" and "honor" so it's probably someone from the British Commonwealth or perhaps a Japanese person who learned English using English spellngs. No way of telling, really, their blogs don't have to say where they live or what they do."

by al-in-chgo April 07, 2010
Verschlusspanik (fair-SCHLOOSE-pah-neek) is a German word that literally means "closing panic." It refers to the rush of new investors (and new capital) into consumer investments like mutual funds that occurs when the sponsoring financial house announces that its fund will no longer accept new accounts beyond a certain date. That "last-minute" stampede is due to Verschlusspanik on the part of potential investors who do not want to be shut out of the fund.
"Go figure -- Fund XYZ announces that it won't open any new accounts past the end of this month, and all of a sudden there's a huge influx of new investors and their money."

"That's called 'Verschlusspanik'. It often happens when there's a deadline for new accounts imposed."

by al-in-chgo March 24, 2010

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