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term for biological women used primarily by gay men, either in a positive or derogatory way.

also used by gay men to complement female looking drag queens or transgender women that appear 'real' or too convincing to be men.

see also 'fishstick'
"Ugh! Why are there so many fish in the club tonight?"

"Hey girl, look at you! You're looking fish tonight!"

"Hey fishstick! You get prettier every day!"
by agentorange April 19, 2004
used to denote an unnattractive look or person, used especially in regard to tardy drag queens.
"We went to Jenna St. James' show last night"
"OOh! How did she look?!"
"Ugh! Trust, she looked like homemade sin!"
by agentorange April 19, 2004
denotes a messy, tardy, or otherwise eye-roll-worthy person who has deemed themselves superior to others, when in fact everyone thinks they're pathetic. used esp. in the gay lexicon.
"Mmmm mmm (shaking head) there goes Miss Mess again, looking tragic and strutting like's she's god's gift."
by agentorange April 19, 2004
used when someone/something appears unnattractive, for whatever reason.
"Whoa, this house looks a mess!"
"Girl, how much did you drink last night? You are lookin' a mess!"
by agentorange April 19, 2004
complement from gay men to drag queens or transgender women who are gorgeous and extremely feminine in appearance, as in too pretty to possibly be men.
"Hey fishstick, kisses! How are you? You look fabulous!"
by agentorange April 19, 2004
usually used in exclamation - derivitave of "Hell yeah!"
Friend: "Dude, I just found twenty bucks in my jeans, let's go buy some food!"
Friend 2: "Hellee!"
by agentorange April 19, 2004
natural derivitive of the oft-used expression "no ma'am", formed rather recently and widely used by gay men in the plains/Southwest US.
"That nasty old man was hitting on me, and I was like "No ma'am.com!"
by agentorange April 19, 2004
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