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A customer at Menards who is so stupid, retarded, or idiotic that he/she should not be aloud to bread, let alone build a house. This person is usually pissing off all the employees that work there and under any other circumstances would be punched in the face.
Hey (Insert fellow employee's name), Can you believe a guest asked me if he could put Flooring tile over his carpet? Wow he is fucking menarded!!
by Great White Bear June 26, 2011
being messed up and retarded
that book I borrowed from you was all menarded.
by starlitsoul July 13, 2008
Someone who, conciously or not, plays dumb around guys they are attracted to.
She was a straight-A student, but she always acts so menarded around her boyfriend.
by JoRokHed October 24, 2011

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