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A word that is often used to refer to racists, sexists, etc. But really just means anyone shallow, selfish, spiteful, unforgiving, and who generally has their head up their ass. Racists and homophobes are not necessarily "hateful". The word you're looking for is "bigot".
Hateful people should be tolerated and forgiven, not hated.
by Zegeroth September 16, 2007
a sound people make in response to an awkward, unintelligible, or odd comment or question in an attempt to sound like a pretentious prick. Used predominantly by sarcastic assholes and ditzy teenage girls
Nerdy guy: "I'm having a get-together this weekend. It would be great if I could see you there. What do you say?"
Ditzy teenage girl: "tssss, um yeeeah... I don't think so."

Girl walks away, leaving nerdy guy thinking "What a bitch."
by Zegeroth August 03, 2007
When the teacher is so hungover, he/she doesn't feel like doing their job, so they just play a movie on the projector.
After a hard night of partying, Mr. Wilford didn't feel like dealing with a class of thirty whiny brats, so we just had a movie day and he made us watch "Elf".
by Zegeroth September 19, 2007
Short for Therizinosaurus, a dinosaur that pwns T-Rex. In the face. It's got two-foot-long claws like freakin scythes and a neck like a giraffe to spot prey. When it sees some other pussy dinosaur, it goes for the kill, hacking its victims to death and stabbing their soft, vulnerable throats with its vicious claws of doom.
OMG it's a therizino fighting a Tyrannosaurus!
*therizino kicks other dinosaur's ass*
Woah, that was sweet.
*therizino comes to kick your ass*
holy shit im gettin stabbed by a therizino dis is awsum!1111@@@
by Zegeroth September 19, 2007
An ancient empyreal beast that is both ape and cat, and entirely man, hailing from the frigid northern reaches of Finland. It is widely accepted that Apecat is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Apecat is da shit.
Fuck yeah.
by Zegeroth August 03, 2007
the mouth of anyone, male or female, who consistently spews crap
You have no idea what you are babbling about. Shut your cockholster this minute.
by Zegeroth August 03, 2007
A slight phonetic and orthographical variant of ain't, a slang word that is a contraction of "am not". Usually understood to be a direct variant of an't. May be accompanied by innit.
Bloody wankeh stole my girl! That en't right, innit?
by Zegeroth August 03, 2007

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