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The best fantasy book series ev4r. Protagonist is Lyra Belacqua. The main theme of the book is religion. In the series, Christianity is the enemy, and is viewed as corrupt and illusionary.
Written by Philip Pullman, it is a trilogy that consists of The Golden Compass/Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass.

"Side" stories that are not part of the main storyline include Lyra's Oxford and The Book of Dust.
A movie is coming out in Winter of 2007 titled "His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass" starring Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel and Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coulter.

Imaginative creations for the His Dark Materials universe include: daemons, alethiometer, armored polar bears (panserbjornes), Specters, Dust, and much more...
Cool guy: Hey, have you read the His Dark Materials series of books yet?
Cool girl: Hell yeah! It's awesome.
Cool guy: Did you hear about the movie that's coming out?!
Cool girl: OMG NO WAY!!!! *dies of heart attack*
Cool guy: Yeah!!!! *also dies of heart attack*
by FlyingSpaghettiMonster March 16, 2007
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