106 definitions by Zack

when some is really good
I really like that movie.It goes hard in the paint.
by Zack April 11, 2003
A fist fight between gang members.
"You tryin' to bang out?"
by Zack December 08, 2002
someone with only one hit song and they dont comeout with another hit

peaty pablo was a one hit wonder with his song raise up
by zack September 28, 2003
the ramones are god! oh yes...oh yes they are the best band ever to walk the earth
by zack May 13, 2003
A big, throbbing cock.
I'm gonna take my skin boat to her tuna town.
by zack February 23, 2003
To go from movie to movie, film to film, in the same cinema, and only paying for one ticket.
My cronnies and I went movie hoppin' at the Palace Cinema. We ended up seeing seven different films that day instead of the one documentary.
by Zack August 23, 2004
The greasy goo that accumulates under the breasts of fat chicks if they don't have good hygiene. Attributed to that musty smell that huge bitches tend to have.
Hey bitch, wash that titty butter off yourself.
by zack February 23, 2003
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