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To go clubbing- usually at a variety of clubs throughout the night; to go to different clubs during a period of time.
The night we went club hoppin', We left at twilight and didn't come back 'till dawn.
by Zack August 23, 2004
man, you're one hell of a dumbass. low alcohol content? you obviously haven't drank natty ice, or looked at the can. natty ice has 5.9% alcohol, a lot more than your average beer.
man, if i were to give you a glass of natty ice, and a glass of my piss, you couldn't taist the difference.
by zack December 29, 2004
Booma in the arabic language means "OWL". Yes, like the bird. But it's slang meaning in arabic is: Someone who is being and absolute buzkill.

For example, when you're out with your friends partying and talking to girls, having fun. There is always that one girl who is the buzzkill of the group. She is always pulling her friends away, she looks miserable, with a pissed off look on her face, basically watching all the fun, but not having any. This girl is a "BOOMA"
by Zack June 18, 2006
To kiss up to higher authority or higher rank, usually as a means to and end, to recieve promotion, raise, reccomendation, etc. from the higher power.
The intern for Senator Smith brown nosed his way to join the Senator's team.
by Zack August 23, 2004
when whilst you are saying something, you hold your the pointer and middle fingers of yoru hands up in the air curled as if to make quotation marks as if to make the thing you said sound peculiar or strange. also used as a taunt.
Martha: wow, its been six years since i have seen you, whatever happened to your (air quotes) band?

Fred: hey! we turned out some really good stuff on our first CD!

Martha: fred, your (air quotes) band was only six guys and some italian stew pots.
by Zack June 04, 2004
the ramones are god! oh yes...oh yes they are the best band ever to walk the earth
by zack May 13, 2003
when some is really good
I really like that movie.It goes hard in the paint.
by Zack April 11, 2003

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