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Hanus, short for H-Anus meaning Hairy Anus. A hanus is a hairy anus. Someone who is hanus is being, or resembling a hairy anus.
Damn, that's Hanus!

Wow, you're a friggin' Hanus.
by Zack September 02, 2003
A local coffee shop in Bronxville. Most people who chill at Slave think they’re the center of the known universe, but they’re actually just a collection of high school rejects that found a niche in a local coffeehouse. You can’t take a step in any direction without hearing a group of lazy, spoiled rich kids with the intelligence of 5th graders discussing politics. The money they buy that shitty coffee with is from their doctor parents. “Jet tea” is a fucking slurpee. There’s always a fucking line for the bathroom. People keep stealing the fucking chess pieces so all you can play is checkers, which is all anyone has the IQ to play in there anyway. The people who work there have extreme attitudes, hey, kind of like the entire village of Bronxville itself, and Hitler moustaches should be as required as those lame ass retro green slave to the grind shirts. It is reffered to as slave to the cock
Slave to the ca-ca-ca-ca-cock!!
by Zack February 12, 2005
A term for a person who has a small penis. Derived from the running joke that the person's penis was so small it resembled a jelly bean in size and dimension.
"Zack got upset when his friends called him jelly bean"
by Zack February 17, 2005
Acronym for cosplaying otaku with an unhealthy addiction to DDR.
Don't be an Oshi, get a life.
by Zack March 06, 2004
not as bad as a stoner but like the ganja. its all right to be a headie
nater and zack are headies
by Zack January 16, 2005
A kid who writes his name in the wrong place.
YO C++ learn to write your name!
by Zack March 22, 2005
another word for taking a dump
Mom i need to make a qat!
by zack December 03, 2004

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