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The brainwash big businesses put out. They feed young adults with worthless movies and music. The trend. All very fake, they put out whatever is in style. Many are too filtered out by the mainstream's brainwash to wake up.
Very few mainstream artists are worth listening to.
"Reality" Tv shows would be an example. They saw how people watched Survivor, and they fed off it.

"Swimming in the mainstream- Is such a lame, lame dream." - Rollins/Black Flag
by Zack August 03, 2004
No Recess!

... ... ...
"You're in highschool again"
by Zack August 03, 2004
Definition of Douchebagery: 1. The act of being a douchebag. 2. The skill of exploiting people’s emotions for your own profit or benefit, the exploitation of common sense
knowledge in an effort to sound smarter than one is, trying to produce a grandiose image of oneself by producing overrated reading material, preying on weak or troubled individuals to further ones public image and to increase ones monetary gain, jumping to harsh and illogical conclusions based on limited information, and trying to advise individuals in field(s) in which one is not knowledgeable about and can offer no real advice outside of general public knowledge but still tries to profit off of it.
Dr. Phil is a avid practicer of Douchebagery.

John Edwards used the art of Douchebagery to make it seem like he could talk to the dead.

Maury Povich practices Douchebagery whenever he brings retarded kids on his show.
by Zack November 25, 2004
Something bad went your way
Billy said, "sad face" as he lost the game.
by zack July 10, 2004
Dopes who 'splode themselves in public places. Also known as suicide or homicide bombers.
Palestinians fired guns and passed out sweets when a splodydope blew himself up at a Jerusalem pizzeria - killing 15 people, including 7 children, and injuring 130 (many of whom were maimed for life).
by Zack November 12, 2004
The Beatles' best album!
Guy: Hey, do you like the White Album?
Girl: Of course.
by Zack August 06, 2004
a womans tits, generally large enough to tit fuck.
A girl who likes her tits slapped really hard
Look at the fuck bags on Amy, she's bigger than her mom!!
by Zack December 27, 2003
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