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21 definitions by YoYo

One of the fastest, best Jaguar cars. Prefferably British Racing Series. V12, unfortinatly its not made any more.
"The XJ12 burnt out the Viper!"
by yoyo May 20, 2003
10 6
Referring to your family. Don't ever use this word in public.
Bob: Your kinfolk sure are some nice people!

Joe: Kinfolk? What the hell?
by YoYo October 13, 2003
2 2
Faggy ass website starte by losers. kids that think they have super powers and try to be funny
Nintmania.com is gay, they are starting there own unholy war aganst the world
by yoyo December 29, 2004
0 2
A pimp is a lady's man...so a pimpETTE would be a man's lady! :-P
She had the men all over her, that little pimpette!
by yoyo May 05, 2003
11 14
the best and coolest person ever
Putu is so awesome and amazing.
by yoyo April 08, 2005
23 28
When you are fucking a bitch in the ass hole and she starts to shit.
The bitch gave me a Chocolate Avalanche last night. The shit started oozing down my cock. I kept fucking her because it felt good. She then sucked the shit off my cock.
by yoyo March 08, 2004
11 20
Tha Real Untouchable
by yoyo October 23, 2003
10 19