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Another term for nigger. Derived from the scent commonly given off by niggers. Similar to Old Chicken Soup.
Rufus sure does stink like bouillion cube today.
by YoYo January 11, 2005
Another word for nigger. This is attributed to the common scent given off by most niggers. See also bouillion cube.
Niggers stink like Old Chicken Soup.
by YoYo January 11, 2005
A disco band of castrate-like singers.
He started being seriously hooked on heroine after a live-show of the vbg's.
by yoyo June 28, 2004
a distant relative to clementoni, the clemenphucker is the part of clementoni that creates evil papers and forces children to choke on them. Also a virgin.
clemenphucker is sooooo a virgin
by yoyo April 27, 2004
|)wn means pwn in 1337 speak.
1 |)wn j00 nubz 1n 73h f4c3!!
by yoyo February 08, 2005
the breasts
That girl had big mamas
by YOYO October 29, 2003
Emo kid from The O.C. on Fox.
Hey, Seth Cohen. You're a Douche.
by yoyo March 06, 2005

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