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White Nationalist
We're having a WN party on 8/8, details at Stormfront
by zagloba May 04, 2011
26 11
An acronym for White Nationalist. Usually only used by other White nationalists on the Internet, however, the acronym is not exclusive to being used by White nationalists. People will typically only use this when they are talking to White nationalists.
"I became WN at a young age because of the social issues I started noticing."
by somedumbgoy March 09, 2011
5 2
W***K NIGHT: A pleasurable activity that many internet geek males look forward to, for example upon realising they only had 10 minutes left to download that russian midget gangbang pron film everyone had been talking about.
<Shooster>Yay! 5 mins of d/l left! WN for sure!
<Jimmi>I'm off for a shower & WN myself!
by flump November 04, 2005
9 17
Another William typo. Used to describe people who are epic.
I'm wn and you're fail. Get over it.
by Bellsx January 28, 2009
8 27