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Like a tampon only used in a mans rectum to soak up liquidy poo
by yoyo August 14, 2003
fuckin pansy ass washed up gutter trash who ripped off a great queen song and has a hairdo like a backstreet boy
1990:word to your mother
wow your cool
2004:word to your mother
wow your gay
by yoyo December 30, 2004
Great TV show where suspected cheaters are put under surveillance and exposed to their significant other.

Lots of angry confrontations and love triangles.
Did you see yesterday's episode of 'Cheaters'?

It was hilarious! The girlfriend caught her man while he was getting a blowjob from some skank.
by yoyo January 19, 2004
ur all wrong it means....for sure brother-meanin friend not literal bro.
"can you help?"
"fo' shizzo bizzo"
by yoyo June 08, 2004
To be in IB and have relations with an indian kid.
Sheena pulled the Ingenthron on Bharath!
by Yoyo May 06, 2003
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