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8 definitions by XpideR G

Any person or persons that apparently cannot exist with out facebook for a day.

A person who posts updates on facebook before telling people in the same room what is happening.

A person who does ball by ball updates to facebook from their mobile on an event or date.
Ey boy them facebookians have the network running slow.

2:30am and you uploading photos of the party? A true facebookian indeed.

You aint see the facebookian uploading photos of the food before he eat the thing...
by XpideR G August 12, 2009
adj. The act of changing a good situation or object into a completely crappy representation of its former self.

p.tense Assified

con. tense Assifying
He is going to assify that room I just know it.

Did you see how she assified that car?

Why are you assifying what I am trying to say?
by XpideR G August 05, 2009
The process by which you assify something.

The act of overdoing something to the point it where you have created crap.
Thanks for the complete assification of that poster.

Now that the assification is complete wait and see it all go to hell.
by XpideR G August 06, 2009
An overdone custom car/van that can barely drive properly due to its customizations.

A car or van that appears to have a driver incapable obey the rules of the road.

A vehicle that is driven with no regard for public or passenger safety.
Man, when that assmobile was passing I could barely hear myself think.

Hey did you see the assmobile wrapped around that tree?

Wey, that assmobile nearly hit that person on the pavement!
by XpideR G August 05, 2009
Adj. An extremely stupid action, comment or behavior.
John's comment at the wake was so assholistic even I wanted to kick his ass.

Why do you have to use such assholistic terms?
by XpideR G August 05, 2009
continuous tense of Assify
To continuously mess up a situation or object.
Why are you always Assifying what people ask you to do?

This lime was good but now he is assifying the hell out of it.
by XpideR G August 05, 2009
An absolutely useless person or individual.

A person that is alive by sheer luck because their IQ seems to be of a negative quantity.

Someone that makes statements or jokes that are of no use or bears no relevance to the topic of discussion.
John is such a cock leak he put the staples in the stapler upside down.
Jim is such a cock leak he told gives assholes some hope.
by XpideR G August 04, 2009