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Adj. An extremely stupid action, comment or behavior.
John's comment at the wake was so assholistic even I wanted to kick his ass.

Why do you have to use such assholistic terms?
by XpideR G August 05, 2009
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adjective used to describe a cultural practice where one is frequently an asshole to the point they can't tell the difference between reality and their stupid opinions. it is often found in the corporate, art, and internet cultures.
1. don't be yourself. the boss is assholistic.
2. no way i'm working with her on this film. she is an assholistic cunt.
3. this is an assholistic chat room.
by jeepndesert May 03, 2008
1. adjective describing someone who is acting like an asshole.
2. being an asshole
Boy: Why are you being such an assholistic bitch today?
Girl: Because you're always assholistic.
by yeahyouknowwww July 15, 2010
a word Martin came up with to describe everyone's everyday all day behavior
"Dude, you're being assholistic!"
by bill mcneil August 30, 2003
Used to decribe someones behavior during a certain time period.
Did you see what Brian did last night?
Yes he was being very assholistic.
by zepsblackdog August 31, 2008

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