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the choosen one... the great one
theres a mustafa you better get out of there way or you will be dismissed
by shadz February 10, 2005
1. Arabic Translation = Chosen One.
2. A hot Algerian / Arab.
3. A term used to describe an extremely hot person with a strong personality.
4. Doing it good with woman.
5. A man with a long genital.
6. Smart person/Good with business.
Note : Mustafa's are endangered creatures (nearly extinct) as it won't be fair to other men.


1. Your looking Mustafa.
2. Damn, You must be the Mustafa.
3. I got a long Mustafa downtown.
4. I'm going to totally Mustafa you, today.
#mustafa #hot #handsome #chosen one #strong #long #buff
by google393 May 08, 2010
Arabic name taken from the great leader Mustaf Herod Apyuras (say it with me folks).
That Mustafa be one bad muhfugga.
by Wigga June 26, 2003
Mustafa, an assasin in Dr Evil's "army". Played by Will Ferrell. He is very skilled and very hard to kill.
Mustafa: If you could just call an ambulance? Hello? i am very badly burnt? oh, hello! have you come t- (BANG!) YOU SHOT ME! YOU SHOT ME RIGHT IN THE ARM! WH- (BANG!)
#awexome #hilarious #austin powers #under pressure #queen
by El chupa nibre October 18, 2005
Mustafa means either the chosen one or the person with and amazing life style, whom who is named this shall be romantic,lucky,sociable and funny.
"that guy is such a Mustafa"
#funny #romantic #love #bae #life
by assasin23 November 29, 2014
The best Starbucks employee ever.
Oh look, it's Mustafa!
#mustafa #starbucks #blended #lemonade #arabic #lion king #awesome
by Chedia March 29, 2010
A socially acceptable creepy person. Someone who stands out among the creepy and dirty who is funny because of the way they look or act but are still dirty and creepy.
Mustafas: Dude look at that hobo with the crazy hat, he's such a mustafas.

Normal Hobo: Dude look at that dirty ass hobo.
#mustafas #hobo #rapist #psycho #madman
by RamboGunther November 07, 2006
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