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Chile's national scum.
People who dress like a rapper (a poor one), listen to raggaeton and other american rappers without even knowing what the songs say.
They are known for stealing, but they don't steal people that are whith their eyes "wide open" (i mean... not fooling around with the face of a dumbass)
oh noes!!
that flaite stole my purse...
by Xavi_cardenas November 24, 2007
aka Chester Bennington, one of the vocals of the world known band Linkin Park. He is one of the greatest singers of this century...and bla bla blah... he is hot and he is married, so there is no chance for YOU crazy fan to marry him.
I try to shout like Chazy Chaz =D
by Xavi_cardenas November 24, 2007
Rubbish turned into music. Raggaeton's lyrics ussualy attempt against women, talk about bling bling, cars and random stuff. It has also turned a whole generation into horny mothaf*ckas.
dad:Look those kids friggin' while listening raggaeton!!!
mom: aawww... they look so cute! :3 Let's take a picture
by Xavi_cardenas November 24, 2007
jewerly of the hip hop culture
that bling... is too shiny... my eyes... burn!!!
by Xavi_cardenas November 24, 2007
Linkin Park is the greatest music band eva... Minutes to Midnight is the bollocks
Linkin Park makes me wanna scream at my parents/idiots/ n00bs/ terrorists/ national scum "SHUT UP!!" till my lungs are sore =D
by Xavi_cardenas November 24, 2007
Is a great southamerican country, the British of the region (?... O_o...i am not buying that xD)
Chile is long and narrow and it looks like a chilli BUT! that's not the reason of the name of this country.
It's a great place for skiing, eating seafood, travel and much more!! =D
Beware of the flaites, they are our national scum...seriously! But there aren't to many... thank God!!
dude: do you know Chile?
idiot: what is it? is it eatable?
dude: no! you motherf*cka it's a freaking country
idiot: does it taste good?
dude: no comments... ¬¬ *turns around and leaves*
by Xavi_cardenas November 24, 2007

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