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Linkin Park's new album, scheduled to be released on may 15, 2007 for people in North America, May 14 world-wide. It's been said that it will contain a mixture of punk, classic rock, and hip-hop beats, according to Chester Bennington (lead vocalist for LP)on an interview with MTV. It will also contain their new single, "What I've Done".
Person 1: Are you getting the new LP album, Minutes to Midnight?

Person 2: Duh!
by bombdiggity April 08, 2007
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The new Linkin Park album supposed to come out on May 15th.
Me: Hey Chris, when are you you gonna spend a week in your room listening to new Linkin Park songs?

Chris: May 15th and it's called Minutes to Midnight, nub.
by Gillettex April 11, 2007
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x minutes to midnight

x equals any number from 15 to 0

how close we are to the end of times, as a direct result of nuclear holocaust, on the doomsday clock.

Originally conceived in 1947 by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists at the university of chicago.
In the reagan administration we got as close as 4 minutes to midnight.
by Bad Noodle February 02, 2008
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A huge letdown. This was Linkin Park's third album, if you forget Reanimation or Collision Course, because those are remixed songs. 4 years in the making, it seems instead of mixing Hard and soft, they did hard and soft songs. Mr Hahn was invisible on this album. Chester seemed like he wanted to do something harder, but held back, Mike did some slow songs, which didn't really work. I REALL HOPE RICK RUBIN (PRODUCER) DIDN'T FUCK WITH THEIR PSYCHY, AND IT'LL CONTINUE LIKE THIS. METEORA OWNS. I STILL PREFER IT, THE ONLY SONG THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE METEORA IS 'BLEED IT OUT'
Did you get M2M?

Nah, I'll just download the few good songs. Minutes to Midnight isn't like the other albums where ALL the songs are good.
by Keenen May 21, 2007
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