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Eatable, meaning something which can be eaten. (Synonym for edible)
That day-old strawberry Pop Tart you found behind the fridge looks eatable.
by Deluded Informer April 14, 2003
Everything in the world is "eatable" if you break it down small enough. Not to be confused with edible which generally implies it is fit to eat.

Many people have eaten things that are not edible i.e. bicycles, televisions, shopping trolleys, glass, wood, toys etc.
If I chop this bicycle into tiny pieces it will be eatable!

That food you made barely looks eatable, let alone edible.
by schlub May 26, 2008
Something that doesn't make you throw up to think about eating it. Often confused with edible, becuase of the similarity. Just because something is edible, does not mean it is eatable, and vice versa.
While grass is not edible, it is eatable so some people. However, cafeteria food, while always edible, is often uneatable.
by kishalana September 28, 2004
Food you've created that isn't simply edible, but really tasty, seamless, and easy to eat.
This homemade comfort food mac and cheese is really eatable.
by popnlock4christ December 27, 2010
How easy somthing is to eat. Ignorant people refuse to acknowledge the difference between Eatable an Edible. While very many things are edible some of those things are not very eatable.
That black piece of toast doesn't look very eatable.

A piece of raw meat is not very eatable.
by dtiwari19 January 20, 2010
This word can ONLY be used by Daniel Binselan. It is patented.
Humans are eatable, yum yum, eatable humans.

Is that eatable? - Daniel
by Eva Noire July 09, 2006

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