sad excuse for music
blah blah blah gasoooolinaaah!
by soljah March 16, 2005
Rubbish turned into music. Raggaeton's lyrics ussualy attempt against women, talk about bling bling, cars and random stuff. It has also turned a whole generation into horny mothaf*ckas.
dad:Look those kids friggin' while listening raggaeton!!!
mom: aawww... they look so cute! :3 Let's take a picture
by Xavi_cardenas November 24, 2007
a latin based type of hip hop music
pit bull has badass ragggeaton music!!

hell yeah sancho!
by maria s. July 29, 2005
A dance-hall-like style of music from Cuba
Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Noreaga, Don Omar...
by Le Saint August 17, 2005

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