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6 definitions by Vik

A male of Turkish descent that tends to pwn in CS, and is too often accused of being a hax0r.
HEADSHOT? OMG you hax0r!
by Vik January 06, 2005
sure, my friend!
Tyrone: You goin to that party tonight, sucka?
Stanley: Why, for shizzle my nizzle!
by Vik March 04, 2003
A way of spelling the word for male genitalia that is only utilized by the worst of net tardz.
Hay guys, I gotz a 12 inch phennis but gurls wont tuch it why not!?11
by Vik July 20, 2003
when you are happy use this word.
have a successful trip..barukhashem
by vik March 14, 2005
That's a big pile of thut! or Let's go smoke some thut!
by vik October 06, 2003
a female fox; an ill-tempered woman; or good looking
Damn, that girl is on fire, she is a lil vixen!
by Vik May 29, 2003