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A cheap and easy twist on an Italian classic. Make ramen noodles, dump out the liquid and cover the noodles with ketchup.
Joe's girlfriend wanted a fancy Italian dinner, but he only had $5, so she would have to settle for spaghetto.
by UnderscoremyTilde January 01, 2009
When two men stand on either side of a sleeping victim and each put one of their testicles on the victim's ears.
Michael and Zac gave Maddie some wicked Grecian Earmuffs.
by UnderscoremyTilde April 03, 2009
So much more than overwhelming that it's uberwhelming.
His erection was so huge, it was uberwhelming.
by UnderscoremyTilde December 19, 2008
An interaction between two heterosexual female friends that causes them to appear to be lesbian partners. Very enjoyable for all.
Maddie and I began massaging each other's tits in Taco Bell, causing others to stare with awe at our pseudo-lesbianism.
by UnderscoremyTilde December 23, 2008
The best way to cuss out a teacher or other distasteful authority without getting in trouble. One person says "fuh" and the other says "q". Similar to the much less mature "shhh"-"it".
When the teacher announced the pop quiz I could hear a "fuh"-"q" coming from Ash and Zac.
by UnderscoremyTilde December 26, 2008
a Hermaphrodite who sexually prefers women.
Ew, Christine said Maddie is a Hermaphrodyke.
by UnderscoremyTilde April 20, 2009
When a girl fingers herself and then cuddles with her cat.
I was horny and lonely so I went from one pussy to the next.
by UnderscoremyTilde May 06, 2009

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