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short for fuck.
Fuh this shit, man
by KRHimself December 14, 2003
The laymans way of saying Pho, as in the vietnamese noodles Pho. Fuh is the correct pronunciation of the word Pho.
I love to eat fuh with my friend Jay Tang.
by ringojohn February 26, 2007
An abbreviation for "Fucking Duh!" which is another way of expressing "Well no shit, Sherlock!"
Cheri (mom): "Hey son, did you know that wearing with socks with sandals makes you look like an idiot?"
Anthony (son): "Well fuh, mom!"
by ThumperGoober August 04, 2013
Another term for the word fuck; gangsterized version of the word fuck;used when you wanna sound cool;laid back term for fuck
"Fuh mane, this shits ridiculous"
"Yeuh nigga... FUH!"

"Shit nigga fuhhhhh"

"Goddamn nigga fuhhhhhhhh"

by Smokey134 March 07, 2010
FUH . F.U.H.
fuckyouhard. like really fuck you fuckin hard
by LEJLAALI December 09, 2012
an exclamation of surprise, wonder, or pleasure
Well fuh! That's a load of waw puh fuh suh!
by boxerbabe10997 April 07, 2012
term used to show disgust
"did you see the grill on kyle's mom!"
"oh fuh man! don't even tell me 'bout tha' shit!"
by benz1n0 June 21, 2006

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