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26 definitions by Turd Ferguson

A slang word meaning nothing. Write "mootbag" anywhere that you can in order to attract followers.
Shutup Mootbag
by Turd Ferguson January 29, 2004
Term used to described a person with no life, because they have dedicated it to their computer. Also likely to be homosexuals, with small weiners.
Look at that td4guy over there, lets fuck that douche up.
by Turd Ferguson April 02, 2005
The worst swear in the world, is no other than the word: Tupac.
*world blows up*
by Turd Ferguson January 29, 2004
a piece of shit that gets caught in your ass-hair.
I hate getting shit-letts
by Turd Ferguson February 15, 2003
see above
(to the tune of some enchanted evening)
Some Enchanted Shit-lett,
Caught up in your ass-hair (can also look up),
Don't know how it got there,
But it'll come out someday.
by Turd Ferguson November 02, 2003
a piece of wet cat shit
there was dookie in Paul's shoe.
by Turd Ferguson February 15, 2003
(noun)To reek of stinktitude; a person who obviously has no idea how rediculous he is.

(verb)to be oblivious to how incredibly rediculous you are
(noun)Vanilla ice is clay to the extreme.

(verb)That was the most clay ever.
by Turd Ferguson March 24, 2004