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A technique used in most pornographic films today. When the male star has to get "aroused" for the camera he is fluffed beforehand.

A stagehand, someone usually chosen just for this job, either gives the star a hand or blow job.
John Holmes had a 13" cock, but he had troubles getting it up during shoots. He needed to be fluffed before he could perform.
by hard_virus June 05, 2005
The act of increasing your friends' self-esteem by complimenting him or flirting with him, even if you have no real interest in dating him.
Don't worry about me and Eric, I was just fluffing him up.
#flirt #flirting #tease #compliment #lie
by Rabid Nozomi September 20, 2009
The act of adjusting ones testicles due to stickiness, sweatyness or discomfort.
Can also be described as "Fluffng the pillows."
I spent 2 and half minuets fluffing my pillows after the basketball game.
#adjusting #testicles #balls #pillows #comfort
by Col.Blumpkin March 15, 2010
: fluhf~eng : VERB - The act of repeatedly passing gas in the general direction of an unsuspecting person/persons; said person commonly being a close friend.
FLUFFER - "Sorry if you smell me, I had a combo number 7 from Taco Bell earlier today and have been FLUFFING for the past three minutes or so."

FLUFFEE - "A girl as beautiful as yourself should not smell like that ever."
#fluffer #fluffee #fluffed #fluffing #fluffs
by TallSexyGuyONtheCouch February 29, 2012
The act of furry masturbation. The sound of furry masturbation due to the fact that fur on fur cannot make a fap noise.
Trenton was fluffing off in his room.
#fapping #masturbating #jerkingoff #spanking the monkey #whacking off
by QuestionableZ May 30, 2009
the act of a male applying powder, usually medicated, to his testicles with a gentle slapping gesture. This provides one with a tingling sensation. Can also be done with average baby powder.

(Note: although any type of powder can be used, medicated foot powder is most common due to the more potent active ingredients.)
-What were you doing in there?
-I was fluffing. I always fluff after a hot shower. My balls love the feeling.
#fluff #balls #nuts #sac #powder #shower #sensation #testicles
by elsalchicha June 22, 2009
fluff is a white, sticky, delicious, sugar based substance, best used in tandem with peanut butter. Fluffing, involves the process of applying fluff to anothers naked body, and proceeeding to lick it off. This procedure is best used with the hairy houdini. Fluffing is a sticky, messy process which produces copious amounts of satisfaction.

see also the sticky skippen
Have you ever had fluff?
Yeah, man that stuff is amazing, i love fluffing people. I fluffed veronica last night.
My sister?
yeah, she loves fluffing.
#fluff #to fluff #white #hairy houdini #1-4 scale #sticky skippen
by youthinasia May 09, 2009
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