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Its an exclamation for something really minor. If a pencil broke in half or if you dropped something, you could exclaim "Fuckle". It adds whimsy to an otherwise obscene expression
Upon dropping a quarter:
by Tristan December 06, 2003
another word for vagina/pussy
yeah..... john came over and played with my turtle
by Tristan June 18, 2006
an ulgy girl. derived from scoring girls out of ten.
-"alright you naught"
by TRISTAN January 03, 2004
To skip a class on school.
Dude, yesterday, i was like, damn i dont feel so good, so i jipped English.
by Tristan December 25, 2004
The baddest of all bad ass gangs.
--> Represent...
Those 207 boys just fucked me up for my wicked new cell-phone, DANG!!
by tristan May 03, 2004
omfg boom cannon boom
Person1: did you see that
Person2: OMFG BOOM!
by tristan February 15, 2004
A character in "The Heretic," a one-man show by Christian Conner.
"Jesus Murphy, evangelical atheist"
-"The Heretic" by Christian O'Conner
by Tristan October 22, 2003

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