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meaning something is "of the town" , also another way of saying clownin, (originating in norcal) (but if u wanna get the best definition u should ask the master of town shit, kyan, himself)
hittin tha hookah bar in el cerrito, thats town shit. i ain't tryin to go to yur wack party.... ahh man thats town shit
by Tristan January 25, 2005
Dood n.

Old West, circa 1870s term for east coast, tarted up yanks gone west, to either get dirty up to their arse or get killed, while pursuing some futile gold rush.
Where the fuck did the DUDE get killed?
At the fucking creek, where the DUDE went down on one hell of a mother fucking gold strike to fucking hell, the fucking cocksucker.
by Tristan December 21, 2004
a name given to complete and utter psychopaths with angry or violent tendancies. literal translation is white wolf.
somtimes we call lane shiroi okami because of his violent behavior.
by tristan December 13, 2004
backroung- dunno
defintion- dunno
i like her though
I like vedette
by Tristan May 09, 2004
An egotistical person who likes Redwall.
RedSunEternal is an egotistical person who likes Redwall
by Tristan October 16, 2003
A person engaged in the study of biology
Boofhead is a biolotician
by tristan October 25, 2004
see Tristan
Tristan is the Perfect Man
by Tristan June 04, 2004

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